New ideas refresh my love for art and photography and these Young musicians are going into my ever increasing list of things I can offer the public. These seemingly easy sketches on photographs are much more complicated than you the viewer can see. The hardest part, believe it or not, is to draw as an infant would draw something but keeping that cuteness working with the photo.
Finding a photo where the subject can be used for this technique was a little tiresome, though that is because I was searching for images on the net. Once you see and like this idea I am sure it would be a short task to find a photo where your baby could be chatting over the fence or playing the trombone.
The young drummer here was originally a modelling photo where she was just enjoying her new clothes. Just a tiny bit of imagination puts drumsticks in her hands and a set of drums for her to bash away at. It looks great, looks cool, and looks very, very cute.
Young musicians are created from any photo you may have of your baby or infant. I remove the background, work a little magic, then give them the chance to make some loud music. I have priced these lovely photos at just £6.00 because it is likely you may want more than one. If you would like say three children in one photo my guess would be beween £5 and £10.00. If you have a large family and would like an orchestra you maybe best contacting me for a quote ????
These photos and more will be posted in my Photo Fun page and also at my Facebook page.