A great and really cheeky looking Young family photo restored, enhanced and manipulated.
This photo was brought into me maybe 30 years after this picture was taken in the back yard of a typical family house in the Greater Manchester area. As you can see, they all have their best school uniforms on and posing for mum or dad wanting to keep that memory alive for many years to come. By the look of them they didn’t all want to participate though I am sure in the distant future they will smile lovingly as they show this to friends and families.
They don’t last forever though do they. Like most peoples family photos they get stuck in a box until someone has the desire to bring them back out and recall the fun times they had when young. But oh my, what a shock when you realise they have not been as safe for the future as you thought they would be.
This restoration of a young family photo shows just what happens if they are not kept in a cool dry environment. The original photo was probably not taken with anyone skilful and they wouldn’t be thinking about preserving this moment in time. You just snapped them, took them to the printers and couldn’t wait for your roll of film to be developed. I’ve done it myself and perhaps looked at them 5 or 6 times in the last 40 years. They are worth keeping though aren’t they. It’s so special when you bring them out and share the memories, fun and laughter, with all the family sitting around.
Restoring this photo was great fun for me so I hope you like the restored version.