Graffiti Manipulation

A new service from me thanks to a customer request some few months back. A lovely lady wanted something new adding to her wedding photos to make her memories of the day even more beautiful. She asked if I could manipulate some of her photos with Urban and Graffiti backgrounds. I have to admit I was very puzzled at first but I thought what a great challenge for me and what a fabulous idea. They look brilliant with an arty kind of Graffiti behind you. More about this HERE.

Amazing perspective ideas.

This customer wanted the group separating from the Bride & Groom. because they didn’t have one in this lawned area. I gave them an extra one free too. But look how the perspective changes in each photo even though they’re the same pictures of the couple. More about this HERE.

Cellulite manipulation.

A professional photographer said these ladies had issues with cellulite in this photo. If it upsets the ladies and the photo was meant for fun on a beautiful wedding day you have to give them a little help. More about this HERE.

Get your photo perfect.

In this photo, again from a professional photographer, the bride didn’t want her mother standing on her dress but later decided she should have let her mum and dad stand much closer. That’s where I came in (Pixel perfect). More about this HERE.