I want to jump right into something real interesting in this wedding photo perspective view. If you look at the original photo, you can clearly see the group are looking upward towards the elevated camera angle. Yet when you look at the free alternative that I made for them, the subjects appear to be looking directly forwards. The reason for this will be explained below.
My client, who runs a well known professional photographers in the south of England, wanted the bride and groom separating from the guests. Simple enough request but when we analysed the composition of the photo, we realised that the bride and groom would be in a large empty looking garden. They would also look quite lost in such a large space too, and off centre.
Best thing to do for several reasons was to compress the wedding photo perspective of the whole picture but keeping all the familiar objects within it. The whole photo was squashed inwards to keep the shrubs and path visible whilst the couple were whisked away until the bottom layers were completed. Much more complicated than that, though suffice to say it worked out great due to lots of tinkering around with different elements.
The free version I made for them was just to give the happy couple another photo for their album. Of course they know that they weren’t really stood in the optional garden but that’s not the point. They obviously liked the stance the photographer caught them in with their beautiful bridesmaid so why not show them off a bit more.
Ok, back to the looking up or down business.
It’s simply a matter of perception and how your eye tells your brain what it thinks it is seeing. The original photo has the camera elevated looking down on the crowd of people (Who are obviously looking up at the camera). The first manipulated version has quite a lot of perspective changes including a change to the depth of field. Because of these changes the client requested photo now makes the couple appear to be looking just slightly upward. The free alternative has them looking directly forwards. Amazing or magic? There are some clues that they aren’t looking directly forward, but I aint telling, just enjoy the pictures ????

Original photo of wedding group.

Manipulated version for client.

Alternative free option for customer.