Wedding photo manipulation of Mum and Dad.

Perhaps not too strangely I get a lot of custom from Photographic businesses who require some kind of photo manipulation or Wedding photo manipulation. You would expect being professionals they would get it right first time but this is not the case and indeed it’s unfair to make such a statement.
Whether your doing Weddings or Artwork the customer comes first and their wishes are your command. In this instance below, the bride was very particular about no one standing on her beautiful wedding dress. Mum and Dad had to keep their distance resulting in them looking more like well-wishers than part of the group. When the photographer pointed out the gap the Bride couldn’t view the camera screen too well due to the sun reflecting on it. She approved the shot but later when viewing the proofs she was quite upset about it. This is where I came in.
I was asked could I move the couple closer to the bride before they went into printing the albums etc’. My answer was yes of course, but working on high resolution photos makes it quite a lot harder as detailed perfection is required.
The couple were moved closer, the building had to be replaced where the gent originally was standing and the trees behind had to be also included. Shadows had to be rebuilt and allowances had to be made where it was cast on the brides dress.
So this Wedding photo manipulation was not as easy as one might have thought, but it’s turned out perfectly good, clear and precise. Everyone’s a winner with this photo manipulation.

Original photo where mum and dad stood too far away from bride

Wedding photo manipulation earning smiles all round.