Watercolour from your photos is a brilliant addition to my services. I have been painting with watercolours for many years but never thought to go digital. Everything I do is just a hobby to me like the photo restorations I do to earn a little extra money. I’m pretty darn good restoring photos, the cheapest and most imaginative so I have decided to add Watercolour to my services to offer people more scope for their photo requirements. Watercolour on Photos isn’t an easy thing to do, especially old photo, there’s lots of manipulations required to prepare the photo. Lots of filtering and much needed imagination. Of course you can simulate watercolour with paint programmes within perhaps 5 mins, but they can look cheap and do not carry the effects very well. Personally I will be using an advanced drawing board inline with Photoshop and using home made digital brushes that allow you to paint exactly like you would on a physical canvas. Plenty of washes, lots of spills, details and ink sketching will all add to some great looking memories for your photos.

This photo example shows the styles I will be applying, and as you can see, this will look better with buildings rather than a family group photo. Having said that, I will be happy to take on any commission and have a go at serving up what you want. The cost will as usual be pretty cheap, I have no overheads and my time is my own. This example is rather complex though I would guess on average a sum of just £30 would be in order. Ask for a quote, it costs nothing to do that and if you haven’t guessed already, the photo will not require any restorations as they would be hidden beneath the watercolour.
I will add more examples of Watercolour on photos here as I complete them, so keep calling in and say hi.

This watercolour was for a customer that made several requests on photos she sent to me. On this occasion the lady wanted something different making for one of her wedding photos. The original photo was absolutely gorgeous but had elements in the picture that would be better removed.
There was a tree support in the foreground that pulled your eye away from the event so that was removed before I stated work. Similarly I removed some awkward water reflections and replaced them with some of my own.
A great result and a great addition to the ladies portfolio of her dream wedding.