Well this photo of Violet arrived at my door in five pieces. Not surprisingly I was a little dismayed at the price I had quoted as it was covered with forty year old cellotape which was rotting and peeling away leaving a real sticky mess on the photograph. I carefully removed the cellotape (Don’t do this at home folks) and cleaned the picture up as much as I could. It still left a lot of the tell tail marks of the tape on it but at least by then I was able to get it on the scanner. I placed all five pieces on the scanner together but set it to see them as individual pieces. So first job was to piece them up like a jigsaw and have a look how much work was involved.
The second photo shows what it looked like carefully put to together and at this stage the real craft of my business started. Lots of hard and intense work was involved to restore this wonderful photo of Violet and I think the result speaks for itself. My customer was very happy, my followers were amazed, so my head is currently twice the size it normally is ????
Oh, and all this for just £15.00.

Original photo                                                                        Stitched but plenty to do


Restoration complete