Video to Disc.

Let me first explain the difference between major outlets and other people offering Video to disc.

Outlets will indeed offer a great inexpensive way of getting your VHS recordings translated and enhanced to disc for you. Some may even offer a music overlay of your choice to make viewing even better. In some cases they may even do a better job than I can offer.
The difference here is that I can offer one-to-one chat for things like where to cut and splice the recordings, add photos between recordings, add text throughout the end disc however you want it. The final result would be a disc that customises your VHS recordings into a viewable movie that you’re happy to show other friends or family. Music can be added when and where you want it.

Slides to Disc or file.

A fairly simple process albeit a little fiddly. The slides need to be unmounted which I can do foc so that no light creeps in and spoils the end result. After unmounting they can be scanned, enhanced where needed then it’s a simple matter to get them to you on a disc or a file sent to you via email.

Photos to Disc or file.

Again this is very simple to do and inexpensive. I can transfer any amount of photos both colour and Black/white to a disc or file for you, add music and animation to make them more entertaining. I would also engage with you if there’s something on the net that you think is cool and would like to add that effect.

Further information:

VHS, slides or photos to disc does not cover everything that I can do for you. If you have something that deviates from the examples below please do not think that it will be more expensive, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean more cost.

Let’s talk about transferring your old VHS tapes to disc first. All VHS tapes will deteriorate much quicker than your old photos so if you treasure something in particular you need to get it digitised as soon as possible. You have the added bonus of actually talking to someone and not just posting it off to a large store.
You also have the opportunity to omit parts of the video if you wish, maybe a risqué section or possibly a very damaged area. Just give me the timer events and we’re good to go. All this would be discussed with you before the digitising is prepared. It’s also worth noting that photo stills can be recovered from your video. There’s no limit to how many photos can be digitised from your tape so give me a call and we can discuss your requirements.

Other media.

I can pretty much transfer any media to disc for you. It doesn’t really matter how old your images are or what format they may be in, if there is a visible image I can move it over to a DVD that you can view on a PC or even your TV. Slides, Photos or Videos to disc, you can have them transferred as a slide show or individual files both of which can be viewed the same way you watch your movies.
You may think it’s an expensive thing to do and are considering doing it yourself, some day. I wouldn’t advise it as most armature attempts will take hours if not days to complete and you won’t want to continue making another because of all the hassle you went through the first time. I can put around 50 photos onto a disc in less than an hour, and that includes adding a video introduction if you wanted one. It’s easy for me as I do it on a regular basis for people and the cost may be less than £15, well worth it I think you’ll agree.