A photo Manipulated of two brothers.

Photo Manipulation is one of the best methods of a Photo Restoration artist to give you something extra from your treasured family pictures.

The photo here is a good example of a photo requiring photo manipulation to give the customer a memorable picture of their two brothers who are suffering the burdens of old age. Getting them out and into the same place for what could be the last time together was apparently difficult but very rewarding to all concerned. Unfortunately taking photos of that event wasn’t the best occasion for getting the subjects on their own for possibly the last chance of a great family photo. So, I was contacted and asked if I could remove other members of the party that were a distraction to the two gentlemen.
Most of the time removing objects, people or other parts of a picture can be quite easy if you have the eye for light, shade and composition.

However this picture didn’t have many places available for cloning so I had to do quite a lot of tinkering around to fill the blank spaces I had created. Not the best way to do things but the customer said “Thank you again for giving me a photo I will cherish and have in pride of place in my  home.” That’s what I like to hear, money means little when compared to a happy customer.