Torn photo of a young girl.

So many photos are sent into me that have been torn apart or have even fallen apart with age. I love working on them as I get immediate satisfaction once I have put the pieces together and you know exactly what’s required to complete the restoration. I don’t ask a customer the reason why they are ripped as in most cases it’s either through temper or a simple accident. I’ve also had instances of mental disabilities where they have been torn out of frustration but fortunately these are not the norm’.
Never give your children access to photos when left alone in a room. It appears compulsory for a child to draw, stamp, chew, paint or poo on them, they love it ????
Whatever the case was here with this torn photo of a child it was important to get the picture put right for the mother to relax and breathe out while some sanity was still with her. She didn’t have access to a scanner so I didn’t know what to expect until it arrived in the post. Luckily it was what I refer to as a clean rip and pretty simple to restore.
A torn photo can be devastating for people who think they are now lost forever but guys like me can give them back for future enjoyment.

Scanned pieces


Restored and looking beautiful