No this is not one of my quirky creations, there would have been much more gore and action going on. Believe it or not this was a customer request for a surprise Christmas present to give to her Zombie fanatical husband. Hence “The Walking Dead” title for this post. Ok so I received the request via my Facebook page and it simply asked if I could add a zombie and possibly a weapon of some sort in the subjects hand. A simple enough job to do if you know your art so very little was charged for it. As the husband is apparently a zombie freak I wanted to give him something much more to look at by way of the background zombies, not just the one requested. I decided to get them all from the great TV series “The Walking Dead” and if that wasn’t enough, I inserted the very first zombie to be seen in that programme down in the right corner. I came across a few difficult parts while doing this but just getting the depth of field to blend them in correctly gives it it’s biggest reality check.