Thai Boxer

Thai Boxer from the North.

Brilliant action photo of a Thai Boxer sent into me for restoration.
I love restoring most of the photos sent into me but this one goes up on the top shelf. I wasn’t aware that martial art sports were even around at this time, for local people anyway, so this photo is a bit of a surprise.
As you can see the original was in very poor condition with all the creases and fades spotted around. Made worse by the fact that it was a photo-copy but the resulting restoration has done the photo justice I think.
My customer asked for just the B&W to be restored as it’s a picture of her late husband but I can never resist doing freebies for people if I see something better can be done with it. In this case I restored the original, added a fabulous colour splash, then photo manipulated the trainer out. The reason for that was he was placed in a poor position spoiling the overall effect. Taking him out of the photo was a little more difficult than first anticipated so I blended a new wall into the photo which merged in fantastically.
Great result for me, Thai Boxer kicking butt, and all for just £14.00.

Original Thai Boxing photo.

Original photo of Thai Boxer with many creases and patches.

Restored B&W version.

Restored B&W version of Thai Boxer looking very good.

Free Photo Colourising.

Thai Boxer in glorified splash colour.

Thai Boxer with Photo Manipulation.

Thai Boxer with Photo Manipulation and added colour splash.

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