Not had much time to post lately as I get so many requests for photo restorations, manipulations etc.
This picture below was sent to me a couple of days back as a Surprise for a 90 year old mother. The lady requiring this work had asked if I could help with some scratches around the chin so she could show her mum and hand out copies to the family.
Not having seen the photo I said it sounded simple enough and that I would do it for free (I’m a nice old man). Once received I realised it needed more work than first envisaged but I keep to my word and completed the photo free of charge.
The pictures you see below are the original with lots of abrasions and creases. One B&W version of the restored photo, and one Sepia version. I often give these choices so that customers have two versions to contemplate on.
Incidentally, the title gives a clue to the age of the photo and with the knowledge that she was eighteen at the time, I guess it was taken around 1949. But alas my math is poor which is why my wife does all the accounting haha.

  Restored B&W version of Petrula's mother