Surfer takes advantage of flooding in Royton.

I make the occasional Fun or Fantasy photo for my local town, Royton, hence this picture Surfing in Royton. After a very bad day of rain I came up with this idea of a surfer riding the floods at the town centre cross roads. The blending of the water, surfer and the overcast photo worked brilliantly, it’s just a shame I have no up-to-date photos of the town (Next job, get some photos).
What turned out more funny than the photo itself was a couple of remarks found in the ILR forum by local townsfolk. If I recall correctly one said “For a moment I honestly thought that was real”, another said, “That has to be a Photoshop, it didn’t look that bad to me when I was out”. So watch out next time it rains heavy and take your board into the centre for some fun surfing in Royton.