Great photo taken in the late 1950’s of the Shiloh spinners annual sports event. This is the third photo I have colourised from part of Royton’s past history. People working at any of the Shiloh spinners cotton weaving mills were invited to this annual event and encouraged to bring their families along to have a great day out. The three pictures I have enhanced and colourised are all from one such event, probably around the late 50’s early 60’s. Brilliant times were had back in those days and indeed I recall going to at least one of these affairs. I don’t have many clear memories but I do recall being mesmerised by the Merry-go-rounds and the boat swings. Always very colourful and always happy thoughts.
The Elk mill where all this went on was probably the poshest place to get a job around that area in those days. Most of the Shiloh spinners mills had no comparison in size and grandeur compared to the Elk and it has always dominated the northern part of Chadderton rather than it’s homeland of Royton. Unfortunately it was demolished a few years ago to make way for a shopping outlet though at least it kept its name.
Colourising this type of photo can be quite time consuming due to all the busy colours and many people strolling around enjoying themselves. Rather than spend hours getting everything absolutely perfect, I tend to splash the colours here there and everywhere. It gives the picture atmosphere and movement so I hope you like what I do with them.

Original photo

Colourised with a splash of madness