These are two of the children from my post on Shaw Gawbies. The boy in the photo, John Delaney, is actually a good friend of mine these days and has only recently moved out of Shaw. I guess this is why all the photos are suddenly being sent to me for repair, hence the heading Shaw Gawbies part 2. He’s obviously come across the old family photos and realised how much they have deteriorated over the years. It’s pretty much the same in any household but sometimes too late to have them restored like the example below of the lady.
I can restore almost any photograph if the information still lies within the picture, but a customers budget will reflect the level of restoration, friend or not.

This one of the lady for instance is in very poor condition. I’ve explained to John how much this would cost from a professional restoration artist, their costs would be more than triple compared to mine. I’m going to bring it up to a certain level and not charge him a penny, but it will still look tired though being digital it won’t deteriorate any further. So as long as John can wait for the result which I will do in my spare time, he will at least get it for nothing.
The restoration of the two children, John and one of his sisters, has again been restored to his budget so he’s more than pleased with it. The photo was taken in the same house as the previous one of his parents so please don’t mistake the manipulated wallpaper background as being an act of laziness on my part. I had noticed that these 1950’s photos had the state of the art ‘Bamboo’ pattern that you saw in every house around those times. So a quick Google and I found a perfect replacement for both restorations.