Graffiti & Urban Wedding Photos.

A new service from me thanks to a customer request some few months back. This new style has been around for a while, started by celebrities I guess, but I am sure it is here to stay. The only problem is that you will not have thought of this until you see something in the magazines that really impresses you. The idea is that you have some of your wedding photos taken in Urban areas, you know, that good ole juxtaposition thing that looks so cool. It looks brilliant with an arty kind of Graffiti behind you.
They don’t have to even be Urban to look great, your local village can have a similar effect. Have a look at the slide below or click an individual photo for enlargement. I can do all this for you relatively cheaply, so what are you waiting for?

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A couple of things worthy of note:
Notting Hill underground station – The bride has been put into the poster with text added.
The 3D hands – My customer was spooked by this one but I loved it.
The water colour – This was a 300yr old painting of her village that I found and added the happy couple into it, changing them to water colour also.

londonAmy3telesnow7aLHamysampleApril pathwaysAmysamp4Amysamp3BAmysamp1AmyGarytelesnow2AmyGaryshedAmyfrost502amysample3saffron-walden-market-1909


The following are more of the samples suggested to my customer. Most are incomplete by way of not being fully blended into each other. They were simply a huge mix of ideas to help her find what she wanted.
There’s no limit to your fantasy wedding photos so contact me for more information.

15 Graffiti 3 20 I'm in heaven23 My hometown2Amysamp23 Amysample64 AmyStretch5 AmyWallCol7 Don't tell teh guests we're here8 fantasy wedding