Examples of my Photo Montage’s.

Love them or hate them, perhaps you never give them any thought. Photo Montage is a great way to show off a selection of your photos without cluttering up your living room. Any topic will be suitable for a montage, weddings, babies, family, even a mixed bag of your favourite pictures. People have used different types of Montage for hundreds of years so it can’t be that bad. Me? I love them.

Just think of all the photos you have sat in a drawer or in an album that never gets an appearance. Let me put some of your best memories into a Montage which will be unique to you, none of your friends will have one exactly the same. Below are some of my ideas and I will add many more as time allows….


montage 2 WM

Wedding photo montage in Berkshire

montage 3 WM

montage 1 WM    montage2

montage    Danni&LewisMontage