St Mary’s High School 1949

I like studying old school photos and this photo restoration I have done recently is no exception. It depicts pupils of St Mary’s High School 1949 near Oldham with their form teacher Mr Haddley.
I always find that many of the faces and characters are exactly the same as your own school photos regardless of the year. Scruffy and tidy ones, beaming happy ones, chubby and thin guys, tall guy, the list goes on and on. Every time I look at one I immediately think of my own time at school and being readied for that dreaded school photo. Posing wasn’t so bad, but your mother making sure you had clean underwear on too embarrassing.
The restoration was a little time consuming and I did my best not to lose any textures and it turned out quite good I think. For those that don’t know about textures, there’s many ways to restore a photo and my pet hate is people that restore one by ‘sketching in’ or ‘smoothing out’.  I prefer not to do this and would rather leave some small imperfections to help keep that original look.

You can see for yourself the issues with this photo. Torn, heavily creased, many inclusions, stains and poor definition in most of the photo.

Here is the restored version with a little manipulation on the school background. Pretty good yeah?

Finally a lightly coloured version of St Mary’s High School I made for the customer as a freebie. I like to offer that little bit more for a good customer by way of a present from me.