The most important thing everyone takes away on holiday has got to be a camera, camera phone or even a waterproof camera. Recording all the fun you’re about to have is a must for everyone particularly if it’s your first time abroad or maybe the first time with your partner.
In the case of the photo below a waterproof camera didn’t protect the outcome, in fact it probably caused it. You know it’s waterproof so hey what does it matter if you drop it or get sea spray on it. So it matters because if you don’t wipe the case you’re going to end up with, as the title says, ruined holiday photo. Another thing to remember is that your phone or camera has a much smaller screen than the size you’re going to view it when you get back home. You will probably miss those out of focus shots and like this one, water splashes right in your face.
The water marks were right on the subjects faces which made it impossible to restore so how did I manage to restore it? Photo Manipulation was the key to rescuing this photo. I had asked the customer if she had any similar shots with same lighting etc’, luckily she had and without the finger too.
I had a good look at all the other photos she had and hey presto, holiday photo ruined no longer. Some difficult blending of bodies but it all turned out great in the end.