Christmas in Royton.

We all like Christmas and there’s nothing better than having your Christmas in Royton. I do some crazy fun photos when I have time and one of the things I have become known for in my local town is Photoshopping Royton town centre. I’ve done holes in the road where people have actually stated on the local community FB site that they had been out to check how bad it was. I’ve flooded the place after a bad storm and placed a surfer going through the traffic lights, and again a poster put that they checked to see how bad it really was haha. Ok so some people are gullible and some just want to see something dramatic, this is what I am here for.
This bit of photo fun, Christmas in Royton, was just for the locals which got some real good reviews. The people of Royton are always up for a laugh and the ladies especially like a bit of cute stuff, so here lay my inspiration for my Christmas offering.
The photo is of Rochdale road running through Royton town centre. It caused so many comments that people wanted me to make Christmas cards from it but unfortunately I didn’t have the time (Next year perhaps).