Boy band from Royton.

I restored this photo of a young Royton ginnel band as a treat to myself and something to please fellow Roytonians. I have had this picture for a long time and always meant to restore and colourise it so as soon as I got enough free time I jumped at the chance. The boys depicted here are posing/singing on Spring Garden Street, Royton in the very early 60’s. If you follow this link you will see that no houses exist any more, indeed the street is split into three parts now with only the church having any real residence. The rest is our dear dilapidated shopping centre.
Restoring the photo, Royton ginnel band, up to a reasonable quality was quite easy. Just the normal restoration plus adding some cobbles at the foot of the photo to balance the picture a little better. Keeping the colours muted and choosing the right ones was a little more time consuming as I like to use original colours so’s to keep everything as authentic as possible.
The guys in this photo are all still living as I can attest to that. One has moved abroad and one is still very active within our community posting his memories and photos onto various forums. Their names from left to right are: John Knight, David Armstrong, Kevin Chadwick and Jamie Spence.
Hope you like these guys forming the Royton ginnel band, I love it.

You can see three stages here. The original image, the restored and manipulated, and the colourised.

Original photo

Restored and extra cobbles manipulated.

Final photo of ginnel band colourised