Well these guys look like they are having fun. The photo of them on a bogie was sent to me for restoration after the lady had already tried elsewhere. She told me that the original restoration she had done resulted in the children looking like aliens and that she had refused to pay for it. Oh dear, what was I to do?
As you can see the original photo has lots of damage with some areas having no detail left to foil any chance of recovery. The main criteria for this restoration was to bring back those happy faces and not starting a new race of alien beings which, quite rightly, the customer would not accept. I managed to add some bits & pieces from other photos to fill up the blank areas such as masonry, wood and a similar wheel which I had to manipulate to help match up with the others. There’s a lot more could have been done but as always I try to keep the cost down and the customer was happy the way it’s turned out, so I’m happy too.