Photo restoration, restoring family photo.

Frank Wood

A photo of my Father Frank Wood, probably taken around c1940 or maybe a little earlier. As a family we never got the old photos out to browse through them, or maybe it was me that wasn’t interested as a kid. Either way my dates and recollections of early pictures are very weak in my mind and unfortunately there is no one around to ask any more. This photo is one of my favourites of my dad Frank Wood and was showing all the signs of aging by way of deteriorating contrast, faint scratches and inclusions. I had a quick go at restoring it with the intention of getting back to it when I have more time, but that is always the problem, more time.
You’re looking at three stages here, the first being the original, second is part restored, and the third of course is the outcome so far. There’s nothing really difficult in this restoration, it just needs about another hour or so to give it that final bit of oomph. Normally I would advise not going too far with a restoration but in this case a nice clear finish would satisfy my needs.
I like it, hope you do to, it was well worth restoring.