Photoshop Fun with face text.

Not quite as simple as it may look to some budding Photoshoppers but you can have some great fun doing these.
These examples are from ordinary photos with the contrast bumped up a little so the effect can work to it’s best. Without getting technical about it I basically use a subject photo, add text with different layers, do a little masking and then remove the original photo. So what you see here is not really a photo but just lots of coloured text, kinda.
You want some Photoshop Fun? They are very striking and I can do this with any kind of photo subject and use any words of your choice. I guess it would work with buildings like your business or shop and would easily work with single objects like a car or boat. So what’s the cost of this fine work of Photoshop face text art? £6.00 for one and £4.00 each for more than one, simple as that.
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