The examples on this page will occasionally change so there is plenty of variety for potential customers to view.
Some of the photo restorations shown on this page may appear quite subtle to the viewer or possibly look incomplete. There are many reasons for this such as specific customer requirement, cost of continuing further or even the customer wanting to keep the age of the photo in good perspective.
You may also see these photo restorations in one or more pages of mine due to the extent of extra work such as colourising, photo manipulation etc’. Everything will be catalogued more clearly once this new website template is near completion and all photo examples will be directed through a portfolio page which will look fantastic.

Until my website is complete please enjoy what you see here and be sure to call back soon for more developments.

This was a challenging one. A lot of work needed doing and some artists discretion but the result astonished my customer. The only regret was the ladies face, I couldn’t lighten it because of the amount of destruction though it was how the original face looked so all was ok in the end.

Please meet my father, Frank Wood. A great guy that many people liked and always had time to stop and chat to him should he be at the front garden tending the plants. He was a very shy gentle person much loved by us all. I’m not sure of his age in this photo but I’ve settled in my mind that he was around 25 years old, the photo having been taken around 1940 or perhaps a little earlier.
All I wanted to do with this photo was to restore it a little and make some enhancements that would preserve my memories of him, so this is the result.

This photo restoration is one of my favourites. It’s of the 1st/4th Battalion Kings Own Royal Lancaster regiment and has some great history behind it.
The family owner of this picture wanted a good restoration making so he could use it in a book he is writing. It was also agreed on adding colour to the main subject but having some of the black and white left in to keep the historic visual effect. Most of the colourising was researched by myself with later adjustments by the owner. The restoration was completed up to the customers satisfaction then coloured to give this delightful effect of authentic reality.
These brave soldiers went to hell and back yet all of them returned home.

Until my website has been fully refurbished there’s a few more photos below to enjoy.

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