Love them or hate them, perhaps you never give them any thought. Photo Montage is a great way to show off a selection of your photos without cluttering up your living room. Any topic will be suitable for a montage, weddings, babies, family, even a mixed bag of your favourite pictures. People have used different types of Montage for hundreds of years so it can’t be that bad. Me? I love them.

Just think of all the photos you have sat in a drawer or in an album that never gets an appearance. Let me put some of your best memories into a Montage which will be unique to you, none of your friends will have one exactly the same. Below are some of my ideas and I will add many more as time allows….

I Made this montage from a photo I restored and colourised. It gives a great dimension to the already brilliant historic photo.

Something I really like about this one. As well as the photo capturing that romantic moment the insertion of the film strip allows the use of other photos from your album to add to the story you’re telling.

Same idea as the first example giving real impact to your photo.