Manipulating photos is the biggest part of making my Photo Fun pictures, but here it’s used for more serious requests like removing that ex-boyfriend from your holiday photos.
Almost anything can be removed from a photo without detection though sometimes you will have to let me adjust things to facilitate a good finish (All with your approval of course).
If your photos were taken with obstructions in the background I can remove or replace them seamlessly. If you’re on a beach in Blackpool I can easily move you to Greece without anyone knowing.
Have a look at these examples, some are quite old but still stand up to viewing my talents. The prices are approximate as some of these were produced for repeat customers.

This is one I did for myself simply to add to my portfolio.
It was moderately difficult having to keep the details in all plains of the photo.
The foreground boardwalk, boat hut and mountains behind gave me quite a lot of fun rebuilding them after removing the little boy.

Cost appx’ £8.00

Mods in the 60’s. Fab photo sent in for restoration and manipulation. It’s the real memorabilia here for me as this was my time period, and yes I had a great scooter with all the gear.
Sky was added, hedgerow added and some other little tweaks to make the customer very happy. More here.

Cost appx’ £12.00

This photo request was very interesting and quite exiting to perform. The lady wanted several of her wedding photos Manipulating into Urban and Graffiti style just like a lot of celebrities are doing these days.
Huge job but they all looked great when finished. More here.

Cost average £10.00

A recent job I did for a lady who’s husband had past away and she particularly liked this photo of him. She just wanted the restoration but I also did the Colour Splash and removed the trainer from the background for free. More here.

Cost appx’ £10.00


I did this a few years back for a friend of ours. Some of her photos had pretty annoying backgrounds so I Manipulated them by either adding background blur (depth of field) or replacing the background using same lighting effects (An absolute must to get the lighting to match). More here.

Cost appx’ £8.00

Great example of a customer wanting an extra photo of his grandad and friend.
Lots of work required for this one including new sky, new partial background and building up missing parts of the two gentlemen. More here.

Cost appx’ £12.00

More to be added soon