This page is dedicated to having some pure fun and fantasy with photos. I produce quite a lot of Fantasy photos for my local towns websites. The owner of the biggest Facebook site in Royton is a friend and respected member of the community. He’s up for some fun as well as dealing with things that may effect the people of the town and likes it when I can come up with something topical that gets plenty of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. The site is HERE if you wish to visit it.
If you want a photo manipulating in some way just give me a shout in the contacts page and we can work on it together. Anything you can think of, I can do it for you ????

Below are some examples of having fun with photos. They can be of your friends, your local town or maybe just some silly object.

  You may have read that I have started making Baby Musicians. Here’s one that I made for a customer that kind of helped me with the idea. If you want something like this, just give me a shout.

I love this kind of humour, and yes I can do this for you if you’ve got a suitable photo to send me.

Halloween-Myleene Klass torso when she was pregnant.
Yes I can do this for you if you’re daring enough.

Another crazy photo I had a go at. If I’m sent a nice clear photo I can do this to you also.

3D pop-up photos are quite popular with my customers. Easy to do with the right photo.

  Another example from my baby musicians.