Turning a sculpture into a cartoon.

I came across a photo whilst browsing through my interests on Pinterest and I had to learn more about it as it made me laugh, smile uncontrollably and cringe quite a lot. It’s a relief made by sculptor Peter Lenk who has produced more of these and had them displayed all over Germany.
You can learn more about Peter Lenk by clicking here.

So having looked at all his sculptures I decided on this one below to be a challenge. My own sense of humour and the current events going on in my own country enticed me. The importance of making a photo manipulation of Peter Lenk’s relief was to get the peoples faces and expressions right. I didn’t worry too much about blending the heads in perfectly, I just had to find the right people with the right expressions. I think I found the perfect ones, Jeremy Corbyn’s face being a good example.

Here is my effort and the original Peter Lenk’s relief below, hope you all like it.

Another good example using poor ole Jeremy Corbyn again.

Peter Lenk original