Percy Platt.

The Percy Platt shop was on Union St Oldham and were the sole traders in the town for Bradbury Motor cycles. They also sold sewing machines which is kind of a weird combination of goods but I guess they knew what they were doing. Perhaps it was part of the deal with Bradbury’s as they made the sewing machines as well as the bikes.
Although we are looking at the shop here, there is a great little website showing the history of Bradbury Motorcycles here, and if you Google their name you will find lots of photos of motorcycles they produced. I might also mention that if you have any photographs or other media relating to Bradbury’s, their family would be very interested in them.

Their shop on Union St Oldham. On view is a Bradbury Motorcycle c1909

Some of the Bradbury family showing off with presumably their latest edition, a 3½ h.p. belt-driven Bradbury c1912
The photo was restored and enhanced by myself.

This page is about “Before & After” or “Yesteryear Then & Now” so what happened to Percy Platt’s shop at 129 Union St, Oldham? It’s quite amusing (Or maybe not) to see who occupies the premises today, It’s a sex shop owned by Simply Pleasure and I am not sure how to write this in a sympathetic manner. Consider this, once in days gone by you could buy a bone shaking piece of engineering equipment from these premises, now you can erm, pretty much still buy the same ????