Paper Cut Outs using Photoshop CS6

Not exactly a unique piece of art technique though Paper Cut Outs using Photoshop CS6 has some valuable uses.
You can make this in Adobe Illustrator, CS6, whatever’s easiest for you and your application. The picture below wasn’t originally made for any particular purpose as it was already in my portfolio. I just wanted to test out ideas for future projects. The profile itself was something I designed for a local Facebook website that was converted for summer and winter use, you can see it here if you wish.
First thing I envisage using this for, once perfected, is to find a suitable photo that I can add paper cut-outs to. I’m thinking if I cut people out of a scene, then paste them back again but with this paper cut-out look it’s going to look fantastic, erm maybe.
This example at first glance might look like I have just cast drop shadows all over the place, but no, it’s a lot more intricate than that. There’s plenty of drop shadows but also inner glow, some texturing, blending and a huge amount of layering.
Hope you like it, it’s just one more of those crazy things I do….

I made several versions of the Royton profile covering all the seasons and occasions like bonfire night. This one below I think I made for myself but also passed onto the community facebook of Royton. Not exactly what you would call a paper cut out but you can see it was born from it.