Colourise your bike!

Are you sure you want to Paint your motorcycle that bright red colour? No? Well here’s what to do.
Send in a photo of your bike and I will change it to any colour you fancy. The photos below are from a guy that just wanted to see what it would look like in different colours. I took the liberty of enhancing the background at the same time as the original was very much washed out due to the hot foreign climate he was in at the time.
I produced these photos a long time ago having learnt different techniques. Plotting the shapes out with the pen tool can become quite time consuming, not really a good idea if you are trying to earn a little pocket money. The colour picker was the best and quickest way though it’s not always the best when there’s fiddly bits to contend with, and if some other object in the photo is of similar colour and shade you could easily end up with a pink tree.

 Motorcycle paint blue