Photoshop Paint pot head.

I got this idea from seeing a head that was photoshopped to look like a boiled egg cracked open. That was great but there was so many versions of that I just had to come up with my own idea. What to do mmmmm? Ok lets do a head that incorporates a paint pot maybe with the paint dribbling down the face ???? My Paint pot head does the trick and has shocked many viewers so perhaps I will choose the colours a little more wisely next time. I didn’t get any bad reviews but almost everyone thought I was emulating blood, it honestly never occurred to me and with it being quite realistic I guess they were right. Regardless of subject, in the future I need to sit back and do some lateral thinking before I publish anything that might just make you squeal.
I love doing these creative things, especially when they turn out looking great. If you want to see more go to my Photo Fun page, plenty of photoshopped stuff there.