This is a sample viewing page where you can view and discuss the progress of your photo restoration or other media I’m working on for you. There is no charge for this service as I find it easier to update this page than waiting for emails passing back and forth, it’s also great for you too I think (You can show your friends).
So if your photo warrants one of these pages by way of it taking some time to complete, this is where you will come. It’s password protected so your privacy is assured. If you wish to comment at the foot of the page you may need to register on the site.
The following is a short example of the progress and completion.

Click any photo to enlarge.
Stage 1
This is where your original photo will be placed so that you can compare it with the next one or next stages of work that I will do.

Stage 2
I have completed the restoration, lots of work done as I mentioned in your email. I added some extra foreground (the cobbles) so the lads didn’t look like they were standing on the edge of the image. It looks much better that way. All the inclusions, scratches etc’ are now repaired so I will make a start on the colours later today.

Final stage
Your photo is now complete and awaiting your approval. The subjects are now coloured to your specifications and I have added a little extra (FOC) just to balance the photo better. I have added a B&W version absolutely free.
I will contact you letting you know that your work is complete.