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Whilst this awful covid virus is plaguing the entire world I need all customers to adhere to the following rules, this is for your own safety.

Digital uploads/downloads – Covid has not yet learned how to sneak through the net so we’re ok there. (This is assuming the Chinese haven’t exported it that way too :D

You can still send your photos through the post. I will sanitize them on receipt and on return to you, this will keep you safe :D

Calling to my address if you’re local? Safe distancing will be observed and if the weather is poor we can retreat to my garage where we can still keep 2 meters apart and have a beer.

Call: +44 7783 579704

A selection of my services for your viewing pleasure

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This website is under redevelopment and updating to a new theme. Tabs, pages and posts are now running.

This new theme will give you a much better viewing experience so please enjoy your visit.

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Presentation of my work

I made this video representation of my work way, way back when I first learnt how to use some of the elements in Adobe Premiere.
It still looks pretty cool and covers most of what I do but it needs refreshing and bringing up to date with all the new techniques I’ve learned. I’ve also added some more services to my portfolio so these need adding too.
Please click and enjoy the video which may help you choose what you’re looking for and it will hopefully also entertain you.

Why not browse through my blog posts?

Little Cutie

Torn Photo

Artist & Author

Hi, I’m Steve, thank you for visiting my site.
The first thing you should know about me is that I am totally committed to low cost , I give you better quality than most in the business, and I have far more imagination than most of them. In the unlikely event that someone has quoted you less than myself, let me know and I will knock 10% of their quoted price.
How do I do it? Firstly it’s a hobby that still gives me a kick even after 40 years. Secondly I hate people being ripped off by so-called restorers who pretend how difficult something is knowing that you haven’t a clue. The simple fact is that modern software does most of the job for them. And hey, my degree in art has served me well for more than 30 years so I know what I am doing. It costs you nothing to enquire and no need to pay if you don’t like the resulting work.
There is no ending to my portfolio, I am capable of doing many things and if I come across something unknown to me that’s a wowza! I love a challenge and haven’t failed yet. Just recently I was asked if I could transfer VHS to digital format, so I went and bought a brand new VHS player/recorder at great expense and completed the job for £15.00. Not much sense in that, but it’s what I do……..

  • Services

    Not found what you’re looking for in my service tab? Simply contact me as my talents are boundless and I’m sure we can work something out together.

  • Helping the community

    I pride myself in helping the community as much as I can, it makes me feel I have a worth.
    I would be honoured to give free Restorations, Colourisings or Manipulations to anyone with a need to raise money through raffles or for a good deed.
    Contact me for information.

  • Lightning Fast

    One thing for sure is I am not lightening fast. I take pride in my work which means taking the right amount of time to complete something. If that means chatting with you to determine colours, repair or anything that will give you a better result, then that’s what I will do.

  • Mardy Prude

    I’m not mardy or a prude. I will restore, manipulate or colourise any kind of photograph for you. If it’s a little riskē don’t worry, it will stay private between you and me and not shown on this website.

Products for purchase

Every now and then I like to produce something for myself which pleases me. I’ve been asked in the past if it was possible to buy some of them so I now offer these items at very reasonable prices.
There will be a link here soon so you can view them all on one page. Most will be priced at around £6.00 upwards which I think you will agree is enormously good value for money.
I can have them printed on canvas for you, the price being whatever the current prices are on the internet. In the meantime, should you see anything you like just contact me from the tab at the header and I will arrange something with you.

Don’t just take my word:

Read what other people say about me

Exceptional value for money and service. This guy Steve at Photo restore responds in the most polite manner and listens to everything you require.
His completion of my photo was everything I required and more. He also made me a free addition to my picture which was a colour version and much appreciated.
He tells me he is not in it for the money and judging from what I paid, he won’t be buying a yacht anytime soon. Highly recommend this company.

Steve always produces work of an extremely high quality. A bride requested that wedding guests were removed from an image, just leaving the bride, groom and bridesmaid. It was a complex editing job, yet the results from Steve were outstanding and the bride is extremely happy, as are we!

We commissioned Photo Restore (Steve) to work on an old black and white photo of a local street scene which is to be used in our shop.
The remit was to add colour and give a modern twist to an old (traditional) image.
To say we were thrilled by the result is an understatement, the photo has been brought to life.
We can’t praise Steve’s work highly enough.

Just got your email and like the difference, especially of the guy on the back row who just has a subtle skin tone difference now. Yeah I am really, really happy with it.

I contacted Steve, who asked me to supply some extra photos of myself and my partners faces so that he could edit them in to restore the photo. Really worth the money, (very reasonable!) and im so pleased with the results. Thanks very much Steve.

Fantastic work from Steve, took a dodgy black and white photo of my husband, cleaned all the scratches, colourised the main body and removed the photo bomber. Really, really pleased with the work, so pleased, that he is fixing some more pics for me.

Steve did an excellent job in bringing back an old photo back to life. Patient and professional service provided in restoring and colourising an old photo. An excellent price quoted and a very friendly service provided!

Steve restored a very old and creased photo for me. As others have mentioned, he’s the most patient person I have ever dealt with. Highly recommend this guy and his talents are impeccable.