The Photo Manipulation and Restoration you see here proved challenging but interesting at the same time. I have many skills up my sleeve to restore almost anything though this one had me baffled for a short time.
One of the first things I do when assessing the work needed to fulfil a customer specification is to desaturate the whole picture so it shows up all the faults more clearly. Having already quoted for the work I was totally dismayed the moment I hit the desaturation slider as I never go higher than my quotes. As you see in example 1, what I thought was a normal discolouration turned out to be far, far worse. The whole photo had been splattered with sepia type blotches which made the desaturated version look impossible to repair. My poor brain started to turn to mush until that little light bulb flashed up with a brilliant idea as you can see in example 2. I was delighted my idea got the result I was hoping for, hell I ran to the kitchen grabbed some biscuits ???? Erm, but sorry I won’t be disclosing how I did it, I have to think of protecting my business.

Example 1                                                                    Example 2


My customer had sent me two photos to be joined together forming one old school photograph. It wasn’t difficult to stich them together apart from the smaller one had distorted perspective and did not really complete the whole photo. Top and bottom left had to be filled somehow but as he thought some people may be missing I simply inserted a silhouette leaving just the top to be filled. Some restoration was done to the faces but unfortunately it isn’t possible to complete the whole thing due to the condition of the photo.

Example 3 –  Original two photos

Below is the final photo which got great approval from my customer and wants more work doing in the future. Some of the work involved in this restoration:
Photo manipulation/stitching.
Removing creases and inclusions.
Cloning new parts such as drainpipe, a jumper and jacket.
Rebuilding top left of photo with perspective having to be changed.
Many, many more bits and pieces.

The Final product