Norton 490cc ES2.

Colour casts where abundant in this this photo restore and not all of them were removed. The motorcycle was of the main concern so that is where I concentrated my efforts. A new front wheel & guard were required plus some photo restore work on the brickwork. Once that was done I still had to add some colour to the bike even though it was originally black and silver. Masking was a little difficult but after some hard work the Norton 490cc ES2 can now take pride of place once again on my customers wall of honour.

This is the original. You can see all the colour casts, damaged edges, frame lines and overall inclusions etc.

The photo here is the restored version. A new front wheel added, new mudguard, brickwork on the right reconstructed plus other minor retouches. The bike was then re-coloured and a bit of spit and polish too. Photo restore complete.