Scottish drummer restoration.

Muirhead & Sons Pipe Band from Grangemouth.  They have been going since the late 1970s but in their day they were one of the best and won the World pipe band championship a total of 8 times, 5 of them in a row in the 1960s.
The photos sent to me for restoration were in very bad condition, almost the worst I have ever restored. My client wanted both pictures restoring and one of them manipulating to have all 3 in one photo and just their granddad in the other. Hard work but client tipped me more than I had charged so that says it all.
I was told that they were planning a special surprise for their granddad by organising a trip to meet and watch his beloved Muirhead & Sons Pipe Band performing in the World pipe band championship 2012. I bet he’s going to enjoy every moment of it and I’m guessing he will be introduced to the drummer section to see if he can give them any tips for winning.

These are the drummers from the Muirhead & Sons Pipe Band. The condition couldn’t get any worse but I promised to do my best.

The result on this one was astonishing considering the amount of damage it had suffered. But the Muirhead & Sons Pipe Band can now stand proud once more.
A lot of hard work and headaches until the result was ready for the customer.

2 drummers from the Muirhead band, the other photo sent into me with almost the same damage.

Fantastic result on this don’t you think?
It took a lot of time restoring this, even after using a macro I made there still needed to be a lot of work on the artefacts and overall damage.

After restoration, the client wanted one of her granddad on his own.
I had to do a little rebuilding of the background objects after removing the other two people but after a few tricky parts I managed to pull it all back together.

You can view this photo at Wikimedia