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More Montage ideas

Still building my Montage collection.

Montages can have many uses so I am building up a collection of ideas that will hopefully grow and grow. Almost every one of them are my own idea so should be pretty unique for people asking for this service.
The first one shown here has been saved as a png file so it can be used in plenty of situations. Mugs would be the best recipient as you can see by the second photo. I’ve already had a few enquiries so I am on the right track. Yes you can get these done yourself at a local store but you are restricted on the way you can present them. For instance you can have a montage made up but  it will be very uniform and not have the style I’ve made here.

montage wide   montage mug

This second example is just my imagination taking the liberty out of the word Montage. As far as I am concerned it will be posted as a montage as I can’t categorise it as anything else.

montage 2

Wedding photo montage, Berkshire.

Wedding photo montage.

I was surprised to receive an order for a Wedding photo montage as I am still learning different techniques and ideas in producing them. I’m obviously doing something right if the lady chose me above anyone else. Worryingly for me was that there was quite a lot of photos involved and I imagined spending hours trying to make each set different but complimentary to each other.
After a good long chat over the internet I came up with the idea below and the lady decided she wanted all the montage’s doing the same but with slight adjustments to the angles and density of the film strip effect. Well that made it easy for me and surprised the lady when I reduced the price.
The customer wanted privacy which is something I always ask them. If I complete a job for you and you want it to stay private then that’s how it stays. However in this instance I was able to grab some photos off the web and replace her photos with these new ones as seen in this example.
If you want to view more of my Montage’s just click here.

Wedding Monatge

Wedding photo montage

More Montage

Modern Photo Montage.

This Modern Photo Montage was made for a repeat client so he received it for free. No I am not stupid, I was using his photo to practice something and the outcome was that good I sent a copy to him. He liked it, I liked it, and I’m guessing you like it too.
I don’t like the old style Photo Montage, perhaps that’s a bit of a harsh comment, they are just not on my favourite list at this present time. Old style montages to me are simply a way of squishing lots of photos together in a very meaningless way. I have an imagination, a good imagination which I use to try and bring something more viewable in this day and age. So off I go and browse the web in search of inspiration, and anything can set me off into thinking new ways of doing things and how to present them. Modern Photo Montage is exciting and brings more impact into the subject.
The examples below will give you a small idea of what the heck I’m babbling about 🙂

Modern Photo Montage of the King's Own Terriers. A nice new look to stuffy old styles.


Modern Photo Montage in black and gold finish. Everyone's going to see it, everyone's going to love it.
This idea of mine has really given the montage plenty of wow factor. Ok the photos may be adding to it but believe me almost all photos are suitable.












montage 3  WM

Modern Photo Montage with a simple but effective approach. Will look great with multiple ‘same subject’ photos.

Not exactly a full montage but how powerful do you find this technique? I will be using this idea again soon but with more individual photos. It’s going to look brilliant.

Photo Monatge

Photo Montage examples.

A few months ago I had a go at Photo Montage but didn’t really try as there wasn’t much demand for it. Several customers have had me make up montages particularly for wedding and family pictures so I have had to rethink how to make better jobs of them. I can’t show examples of what I did as they are private and unique to my clients and they don’t want anyone else to copy them, so here’s some new ideas I have had which show how much I have progressed in designing them.
I do my best to stay away from those awful montages that try to cram 50 photos into one picture frame. If you’re going to do that you might as well just have a pin board whereby you don’t have to pay some guy with no imagination messing it up for you. If you want that type of montage I’m sure I can do it for you but perhaps with a little more pizzazz. I’ll do some examples in the near future to see if I can make them easier on the eye. I really try and keep my ideas unique and more suitable for modern houses.

Photo Montage can be very attractive if done sympathetically.
I really like this Black and Gold border effect. It would look spectacular in the right place. Very powerful and I hope quite unique to me.








Photo Montage? Well not exactly but it's based on the same idea and many people like this style I have produced.

Maybe it was the happy couple or maybe the position they were in, either way I think this is the best montage I have done so far. I know it’s not really a montage but this is the best category to place it in.
Colour desaturation works with every photo you can show me. It can be a pretty cheap way to give your photos a unique look. It can also be moderately expensive too if you want very detailed colour desaturation. I guess it all depends on what the customer requires.
The wedding couple photo shown here would have been free with another job and just £5.00 on it’s own.
It costs you nothing for a quote from me and nothing until you are happy with the result. Give me a try, don’t be shy 🙂



Montage anyone?

Photo Montage.

Photo montage has been in my mind for a long while and I’ve finally got round to having a go. The process involves making a composite photo of one or several photos cutting, rearranging and overlapping them into a new image. In older times they would then photograph them for a final image to be processed. The quickest way today of course is to use image-editing software like Photoshop which allows for simple or more complex methods of making a composite. There are hundreds of photo montage styles, most of which extend single scene or subject into a wonderful piece of art or memory.

I have many ideas for putting together a photo montage that I can display for potential customers. Obviously a customer may wish for the more conventional arrangements but I am sure, once they have seen my ideas, they may prefer something new. These montages below are a good start but not done good enough for me to suggest to a customer that this is the quality to expect. For example, some of these photos I have used here were of low resolution which I just happened to have at hand. When I have the time I will produce more with better selected items to work with.
Keep a track of my website if you’re interested in seeing more coming soon.

This first montage is a great idea and quite modern looking. The photo was a low resolution one grabbed from Facebook and as it had a special meaning I had to make do with the quality.
I will definitely use this kind of template again though using the Polaroid overlaps might need some rethinking.









This montage is quite cool. The blending of pictures isn’t a new idea but in this example it’s my own interpretation of it. The photos do not have to be old B&W’s, they could just as easily be pictures you took at a wedding yesterday, it will work with anything.







This one is pretty bog standard for a montage. I don’t particularly like regimented things but as long as you balance the photos out correctly plenty of people will like it. Check out the examples page for more photo montage. Plenty more to be added as I get the inspiration.