Mods in the 1960’s

The photo below taken in the 1960’s brought back some very strong memories for me. I guess they were the best days of my life which I think covered around 5-6 years. Hard to say when it really started and finished as lots of music groups latched on to the craze wrongfully calling themselves Mods, like The Who for instance. Ok they may have made some reasonable records in their time but they were never part of the Mod scene as far as me and plenty of others thought.
The Who made some music for Quadraphinia, a supposed movie about Mods (Another pile of poop). These sort of hangers-on will never be Mods in my eye nor will a movie like that convince me otherwise.
The whole idea of Mods in the 1960’s was about being really cool, really smart (Even under your Parker) and most of all, totally opposite to a Rocker of that era. So who got Mods up and dancing you may ask. Groups like the Small faces kept me going in the all night clubs of Manchester and Oldham if I have to admit to that. Twisted Wheel, Jungfrau, CIS and the Top Twenty were some of the clubs I frequented back in the 60’s. Everyone looking smart but cool, the type of guys the girls loved to date with, so what did the Rockers have? Erm cafes, greasy hair and Ok, maybe faster bikes (You have to give em’ that).

So to the picture” Mods in the 1960’s”. I don’t want to give my customers name away but he now works as a hard working councillor in my local area. I was the first to suggest a restoration as I loved the photo which so, so reminded me of my days. I was sent four to repair, this being the first one I’ve completed as this is my favourite. Apparently it has been nicked and used by the Humble Pie’s for a disc cover and several other uses over Europe. Oddly I noticed that they used it without restoration, they just cropped the photo for their own purposes.
The restoration involved crease removal, colour cast removal, a new skyline added and a nice little touch by way of lifting the front carrier spotlight. An in joke with my mates as the spots always dropped during a long run due to poor assembly and vibration. I also did some manipulations with the right foreground like the hedge and pathway.