I guess this little cutie was sat close to the heart of my customer where it suffered damage purely from wear and tare. Quite often we keep our nearest and dearest in our purses or wallets and that constant movement gives motion to that creeping damage that you don’t notice over the years. A bit like your cars brakes that don’t work as efficient as when you first bought it.
So I received this photo needing urgent attention and was asked if I could do anything with it. I had two photos to work from, unusually one of them had already been photo shopped but the customer obviously wasn’t satisfied with the result. In the end it wasn’t too difficult to repair, it was just a matter of time.
The customer got his little cutie back in time and when he called back to collect it he visibly gasped. Personally I’m not saying mine was that good a repair (I never like my own work) but if the customer reacts like he did I’m a happy man.