This is my last photo restoration for 2017 and what a job it turned out to be. I had to keep walking away from it as the concentration was tiring me out, maybe my old age or possibly the detail.
The photo was part of 33 photos sent to me by a repeat customer so I have got to know his family quite well albeit through the pictures themselves. I can’t give any details, which I like to do with some of them, they are brought to me via an old work friend and not the customer.
The one I’ve chosen to show you here, last restore of 2017, was the worst of the bunch but all had their own difficulty level. There was so much to do with this photo, very tiring to my poor brain but I got there in the end. I could have done a lot more with this but the cost would have risen and the customer was very happy with the result. Hope you all like it and I would like to wish you all A Very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.