Ladies Bible class outing at Pickmere lake.

Great photo sent in for repair by a gentleman local to me. He informed me that this was a Ladies Bible class outing at Pickmere lake in Cheshire. Not an uncommon thing to do in those days though perhaps a little less so in today’s modern and busy times.
The picture includes his mother and grandmother and was taken around c1940. Unfortunately this was the only photo surviving of his mother so I have done the best I can to restore the photo to its best.

A very tired and noisy photo but I’ll do what I can with it. All the usual things wrong with it so I know where to start and how much to do. I just have to keep the balance to show it’s an old photograph.

The photo here is the restored version, not the one presented to the customer as I did a little more work on it before posting. I have replaced some items that weren’t worth the time of restoring like the trees to the right of the photo. It’s far easier blending objects into a photo providing you create the right contrast and noise.

I added a little of what I call “splash colour” to this photo freebie given to the customer.

Another freebie. Yes I am mad and not cost conscious but if I can do it, why not.