Huge Photo Restoration of a young man in 1942

As soon as I received this photo for restoring I knew it would be troublesome. This doesn’t deter me or make it a bad day, I love a challenge so it was a welcome mix to my usual photo enhancements which I find quite easy to do.

Whenever I open a photo I decide immediately what the first steps should be and they are not always the same as every other photo. Different steps to take, different stages and always different methods to attack the problem. With this photo I think I used all the tools that are available from Photoshop including the addition of my Wacom. I like to mask off clothes and backgrounds as they can be a distraction and fill you with dismay if you’re not careful. Concentrating on the important parts where your effort is needed most is first priority for me.

As I have said many times, if the customer likes the finished product that’s all I need to satisfy me, money comes second place. This restoration would have cost around £75 at some supposed restoration experts, but not from me, I charged less than a quarter of that price.

My customer was given a private viewing page as I realised they would want to comment on the progress of their photo. I need to know sometimes if they are happy with things like, changing backgrounds, clothes, even arms and legs. If I enhance items like this the customer should see them before the final phase, you can then get some direction from them if it’s not fully agreeable.
Well it worked out in the end and I got a great review from them which you can see here on FreeIndex if you wish.