This page will hopefully help you with any queries you have about pricing and organising your media and other files.

Basic slideshow, with no intro’ template starts at £10.00
Medium slideshow including small intro’ template starts at £18.00
Advanced slideshow including any choice of intro’ template starts at £25.00
Some templates can be lengthened in your timeline (Adding more clips) so keep this in mind when choosing your favourite. They can also include 3-4 second video clips showing your viewers what’s to come later in the DVD.

Sending Media for Video Intro Templates.
First you need to send me your files, photos and or video clips. This can be done in many ways:
Send discs you already have via the postal service.
Direct me to your Photobucket, Youtube account, Drop box etc’.
Email if the files are not too big.
Most email services now use some type of cloud storage so this is great too.
Other – Plenty of other ways which we can resolve together.

Next I need to know which template you require.
Any particular order for the photos and or video clips.

If video clips are involved I will need to know which parts of the video are to go into the show, but we can deal with that after initial contact has been made.

I don’t wish to confuse you so any other questions can be made by phone or email, much easier that way.