This photo was sent in for repair and as you can see below the main damage was caused by the tack (glue) which is used in many photo albums predominantly in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I have warned people many times about the damage this type of ‘non slip’ coating can do. For those of you that haven’t read about it before, it comes from the albums with a tacky mounting surface meant to stop your photos slipping off the page. The problem is that the plastic sheet on each page collects residue from the mounting page and transfers it back on to your photos when you mount them. A few years later, on close scrutiny, you will see the tack presenting itself as a repetitive pattern on your photos, a little bit like paper texture. There isn’t a simple solution for repair, it means quite a lot of work with filters and a lot of dedication to regaining the original quality. That’s my job I and do it pretty well. Have a look at the result below and judge for yourself.

Click left photo to view the damage more clearly.