Handsome gentleman in his heyday.

I received this photo from the subjects granddaughter asking if I could remove the creases and stains. I don’t have much in the way of information about the handsome gentleman other than he used to be a surgeon back in his heyday. When I first viewed it I honestly thought he was some kind of film star from the fifties due to his demeanour and dammed good looks. But my imagination wasn’t entirely spoiled when I learnt he was once a surgeon as this would place him right into that type of glamour world I would imagine. Especially back in those days.Hardest part in repairing this handsome gentleman photo was the moustache, I hate them. This particular one was damaged in the worst possible place with no way to clone details from other areas. I resorted to my artistry and hand drew the basics which always stands out a mile, something my competitors do and think it looks great. Thankfully I have a technique that helps me then adjust the drawing into something a little more believable.
The stains and background cleaning up only required the standard tools and tricks of the trade so a nice job completed in the end, and a very nice review from the granddaughter as can be seen here:

I gave Steve a very precious photo to restore after I had been told it would take 3 weeks by a big brand photo company. Steve managed to do it in just a few days and the end result was spectacular. Never have I received such great service for such a small price. I was kept updated with regular updates to my own viewing page so I could see the progress of the picture. Honestly can’t fault anything and will definitely be using Steve again.”