I had a burning desire to create yet another Halloween photoshop manipulation, so here it is in all its glory.
A little horrific I guess but isn’t that what Halloween is all about. When I first pulled all the parts together my wife suggested that I throw it in the bin, but hey, what do wives know. She made me rethink what the finished photo should look like though. It was too realistic and too gory with gel and blood dripping off Sméagol so I took all that away and now it just makes your stomach turn ha-ha.
The original picture of Sméagol from Lord of the Rings was one of him having a very angry tantrum, I later found one of him with his best Sunday smile on. This helped tone down the photo and finally got my wife’s approval.
You will see below the final photo and underneath that you can see the photos used to put everything together.

Fabulous photo of Myleene Klass posing nude and showing off her wonderful pregnancy.
I cropped the photo of her for impact but also in aid of not offending such a beautiful lady.

These other photos are of Barack Obama, Sméagol and a model of Sméagol.
I used Obama’s eyelid for the creases in her belly but reduced them to lessen the realism. Sméagol’s face was easy to find but getting a couple of decent hands proved near impossible. I then spotted a franchised model which I snapped up, cut and stretched, then tucked nicely into Myleene’s pouch.