My way to Photoshop things.

This page will be as much to remind me of techniques as to inform others on how to handle a specific topic. Mostly the methods will be from my experience but will also include other tutorials.
I may not be too descriptive in some areas because I’ve not spent all my learning and reading time just to pass onto you good people my secrets for free.

Convert Colour to B&W.

Most people will simply click the greyscale  or convert to B&W  button but this is not the way to get good B&W from a colour photo as it will most probably leave you with poor contrast. In my opinion, the right way to do it is:

  • Duplicate layer and remove any unwanted objects, best now than later.
  • Adjustment layer. Slide the Reds, Greens and yellows until you see more contrast.
  • Levels adjustment layer. Use for even more contrast and don’t be frightened of blacks if they suit your photo.
  • Selective sharpen. Use the High Pass filter, mask it, then only sharpen areas that matter most.
  • Dodge & Burn. Create new layer, change to overlay and fill with 50% grey. You can then paint with black or white with your brush set to very low strength.

You should now have a true B&W conversion 😉